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Take your homeschooling curriculum to the next level with Uzinggo

Why Uzinggo?
  • Teach upper-level (Grades 5-12) math science with greater ease
  • Connect subjects to the real world with brilliant simulations
  • Conduct virtual science labs—no clean-up required
  • Track progress with easy-to-read reports

Nothing can replace the kind of freedom and creativity that homeschooling provides. The days are filled with new experiences selected by your family, rather than outside interests. Your children become more confident and independent. Your family grows stronger.

But there comes a time in every homeschool journey where you need a little help in a difficult subject. Perhaps you are just starting to consider homeschooling, but wonder how to teach subjects that you struggled with during your education. Or maybe some topics are just easier to teach with the help of a computer.

Uzinggo can help you turn these challenges into opportunities!

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Homeschooling Older Students. Hints and Tips for Success
This curriculum has been a lifesaver! I purchased it after the curriculum we were using for middle school level physics just got too complicated for one of my children. The animations and hands-on activities helped her really see what she needed to learn. We love it!

Bringing the real world and technology to your homeschool study

Based on the award-winning Adapative Curriculum platform, Uzinggo is an evolution in learning. For students grades 5-12, whether they are gifted or struggling, Uzinggo utilizes proven, research-based content and the latest technology that allows them to work when they want, where they want.

It is all about real-world thinking, and Uzinggo does just that by leveraging cutting-edge technologies to not only make learning fun and engaging, but also realistic and exploratory. Through examples that can be manipulated and experimented with, students learn to work through problems.

All-in-One Feature Set

Video-game-like graphics make learning fun and engaging

Proven educational techniques let students participate in virtual experiments, scientific inquiry exercise and problem-based learning

Easy-to-use Teacher Guides give you step-by-step tips to teach tough courses

Homeschool Curriculum that goes beyond surface learning

It's one thing to watch videos as a supplement to your homeschool science and math curriculum. It's quite another to be able to participate in virtual experiments, operate manipulatives, and work toward solving real-world problems.

Uzinggo provides a deeper level of conceptual learning through its interactive, state-of-the-art activities and learning objectives. Students are not just memorizing information; they're performing the tasks expected of them at the next level of their journey!

This is amazing! It has activity lessons for almost every subject you can think of within the area of high school and middle school science. Because it is 'hands-on' experiments online, most of my daughter's science learning happens while doing this program. This program allows children to do 'real life' experiments online and see their results. What a wonderful way to learn. My 11 year-old daughter loves it, and is learning a lot! As a parent who works full time and homeschools a high schooler, finding quality interactive curriculum is a challenge. This program provides a near 'classroom' experience with its visual aids and virtual labs while keeping track of my daughter's progress and grades. This has been a fantastic way to teach science to my gifted daughter. My daughter LOVES the experiments without the mess. We will definitely continue to use it! The experiments featured for the science objects are very realistic, and the concepts in both science and math are stimulating and challenging and we all love them. I have recommended it to my friends.

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