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Get the Math and Science Tutor Alternative that Keeps Up with Today's Digital Learners.

Why Uzinggo?
  • Get access to more than 1,200 online lessons 24/7
  • Save money with pricing that’s a fraction of the cost of tutors
  • Connect subjects to the real world with brilliant simulations
  • Track progress with easy-to-read parent reports

The Motivation to learn Math.
The Confidence to master science. The help to master both.

Whether it's students struggling to get math homework help every night, lacking the interest to do the work they need to improve their science test scores or preparing for final exams just before graduation, our math and science self-guided online tutorials for middle and high schoolers help kids in many ways.

Online math and science lessons for the digital age

Math and science may be tough.
But we make learning fun and easy.

Uzinggo online math and science helps students discover the wonders of science and the joy of learning math by explaining difficult concepts in clear, easy-to-follow lessons. Learning is personal, enabling students to follow at their own pace, on their schedule, while giving them the homework help they need with specific topics. They explore basic principles, build knowledge through real-world examples, work through math equations, conduct virtual experiments, observe the results and draw conclusions that help them understand and master concepts.

What else can you use Uzinggo’s online tutoring for?

Prep Courses

On Your Marks. Get Set. Prep.

When back-to-school is right around the corner, or a new semester is coming up, Uzinggo prep courses get students ready. Each prep course is designed to give students the foundation needed to jumpstart the classwork, and to keep their minds sharp when school is out.

Review Courses

Ready. Set. Get an A!

When the big tests are coming, Uzinggo is here to help students BIG TIME. Each review course goes over essential material to make sure students get the advantage they need to get the big "A." Cramming for tests are a thing of the past. Uzinggo is here to help.

Great For Students

Great For Students

  • Game-like, interactive graphics engage your kid's fun side
  • Proven education techniques help them "get it"
  • Rewards for their correct answers inspire them to want to succeed
  • Help anytime and anywhere they have an Internet connection
Helpful For Parents

Helpful For Parents

  • Hundreds of lessons for grades 6-12
  • Personalized Assessments for each lesson
  • A parent dashboard for tracking their progress
  • Lessons that follow state and national standards
What parents say about our instructional software... My son was really struggling to get a firm handle on his Science studies. Now he has been passing all of his assessments for the FIRST time. He will actually do multiple lessons in one sitting because he enjoys it so much. My child loves the animations and the quick tests. He actually prefers them to sitting in a class and listening to a teacher. His results are always in the top, and his teacher always comments that his knowledge goes beyond the material offered at school. The interactive, intuitive modules have helped my son to experiment with learning and make discoveries on his own, emphasizing the process of learning rather than the right answer. As a parent who works full time and homeschools a high schooler, finding quality interactive curriculum is a challenge. This program provides a near 'classroom' experience with its visual aids and virtual labs while keeping track of my daughter's progress and grades. This has been a fantastic way to teach science to my gifted daughter. My daughter LOVES the experiments without the mess. We will definitely continue to use it The experiments featured for the science objects are very realistic, and the concepts in both science and math are stimulating and challenging and we all love them. I have recommended it to my friends.

Give your kids the help they need to improve their math and science scores.