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  • Over a thousand lessons for grades 5-12
  • Personalized assessments for each lesson
  • A parent dashboard for following your child's progress
  • Lessons that follow state and national standards

Adaptive Curriculum, the makers of Uzinggo, also offers educators a classroom version of its award-winning, online math and science, Common Core-ready curriculum.

Created for Today's Digital Learners

Adaptive Curriculum meets students where they are in the digital realm and inspires deep conceptual learning with fun, interactive instruction. Students get engaged, understand difficult concepts, and get better test scores.

How it Works for Educators and Students

Real-world Scenarios

Real-world scenarios require students to explore, make hypotheses, manipulate items and see the impact of their decisions.

Active Learning

Hands-on simulations immerse students in active learning.

Differentiated Instruction

Differentiated instruction allows for whole-class, small-group or individual instruction.

Data-driven Decisions

Formative and summative assessments enable immediate data-driven decisions.