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ZingPath: Earth's Topography and Mapping

Using Satellite Images

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Earth's Topography and Mapping

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Using Satellite Images

Earth & Space Science

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You will get to learn about use of globes, maps, and satellite images. Use your skills to locate lost hikers using topographical maps and track down an international jewel thief using latitudes and longitudes.

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Now You Know

After completing this tutorial, you will be able to complete the following:

  • Define satellite views.
  • Interpret satellite maps to identify land and erosional features.

Everything You'll Have Covered

What is remote sensing?

~ Remote sensing is the ability to create, with technology, a map of an area without having to physically be in that area.

How does remote sensing improve our mapmaking ability?

~ Remote sensing improves our mapmaking ability by allowing us to capture a level of detail greater than our naked eyes can perceive.

How does remote sensing work with satellites?

~ In remote sensing, satellites catch light rays reflected from the surface of the Earth, some of which are visible to the eye and some of which are not. The satellites then send information about these light rays to computers back on Earth. These computers then process the data from the satellites and use it to construct a photographic image of a certain region.

How does satellite imagery help today's mapmakers?

~ Satellite imagery helps today's mapmakers to identify land features such as volcanoes, glaciers, arable land, cites, seas, lakes, deserts, and cultivated areas with great accuracy. It also allows mapmakers to observe erosive features such as deltas, valleys, and disasters such as floods and earthquakes.

Tutorial Details

Approximate Time 2 Minutes
Pre-requisite Concepts Students should have an intellectual grasp on the following terms: earth-based computers, remote sensing, and satellite imagery.
Course Earth & Space Science
Type of Tutorial Animation
Key Vocabulary earth-based computers, remote sensing, satellite imagery