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Symbols of Elements

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Symbols of Elements

Physical Science

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You will get to learn all about the symbols used to represent chemical elements and how they can be combined to represent compounds too. Also learn about how these elements are arranged on the Periodic Table.

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After completing this tutorial, you will be able to complete the following:

  • Understand that elements are represented by chemical symbols.

Everything You'll Have Covered

What language do the names of most elements come from?

~ The names of most of the elements come from Latin.

What symbols are used to represent oxygen, aluminum, and helium?

~ Oxygen is represent by the symbol O, aluminum by the symbol Al, and helium by the symbol He.

What does the subscript number in a chemical formula represent?

~ The subscript number in a chemical formula represents how many atoms of each element are contained in the compound.

How would you write the chemical formula for nitrous oxide?

~ The chemical formula for nitrous oxide is written as N20.

Tutorial Details

Approximate Time 2 Minutes
Pre-requisite Concepts Students should be able to define the following terms: chemical symbols and elements.
Course Physical Science
Type of Tutorial Animation
Key Vocabulary chemical symbols, elements,