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High School Science

Help for High School Science

  • Over a thousand lessons for grades 5-12
  • Personalized assessments for each lesson
  • A parent dashboard for following your child's progress
  • Lessons that follow state and national standards

From biology to chemistry and physics, whatever high school science help you need, our online tutorials are here to guide you anytime. Our online science tutorials use real-life examples in 3-D format. The lessons are game-like, so they're fun and interesting. And with every lesson you master, you earn points and the bragging rights that go along with them.

Studying science doesn't have to be difficult or painful.

Maybe you're struggling through biology. Or perhaps you want to brush up on your chemistry before a big test. No matter what kind of student you are or what high school science subject you're studying, our online tutorials offer you the help you're looking for.