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Make Learning Science

Exciting, Fun and Interesting

  • Manipulate, test and hypothesize to promote true science mastery
  • Have fun learning with real-world simulations and video game-like graphics
  • Conduct virtual labs minus the clean up and hazardous materials
  • Access over 1,200 online activities, anytime, anywhere

Getting help with science homework is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Our online science tutoring program is designed to help students in 5th through 12th grades – from middle school to high school. We cover key lessons in Physical, Earth & Space and Life Science. Like getting one-on-one help with science, our learning program is personal, letting students follow at their own pace and giving them the choice to learn specific subjects that they need help with.

Uzinggo science tutor can help students discover the wonders of science while giving them the tools to master the fundamentals.



Students explore basic principles, building knowledge using real-world examples, creating and testing hypotheses, observing results and drawing conclusions that help them understand concepts.



Using rich multimedia, 3D objects and real-world scenarios, lessons are engaging and interactive. To promote active learning, students are awarded Zingpaths for lessons completed.

Why Uzinggo


Standards based and STEM focused, our 3D Models help students master even the most complex science concepts.