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Properties of Liquids: Viscosity

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Properties of Matter

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Properties of Liquids: Viscosity


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You will get to learn about the different states of matter and the nature of physical properties. Explore how the properties of matter are related to size.

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After completing this tutorial, you will be able to complete the following:

  • Define the viscosity.
  • Relate the viscosity to the intermolecular forces, molecule structures, and molecular weight.
  • Explain how temperature affects the viscosity.

Everything You'll Have Covered

What is viscosity?

~ Viscosity is a liquid's internal resistance to flowing.

How do large molecular structures and a strong intermolecular attraction help determine a liquid's viscosity?

~ Large molecular structures and a strong intermolecular attraction can both increase viscosity by reducing the flow speed of a liquid.

How does temperature affect viscosity?

~ Viscosity and temperature are closely related. As the temperature of a liquid rises, its particles begin moving faster and it becomes denser. This increased density leads to a decrease in the liquid's viscosity.

How is increasing the temperature of tar useful for workers paving a street?

~ Tar is naturally a very viscous substance and is difficult to work with at a cool temperatures. For this reason, workers normally heat tar until it becomes more viscous and fluid. This makes it easier to pour and spread.

Tutorial Details

Approximate Time 2 Minutes
Pre-requisite Concepts Students should be familiar with the following terms: properties of liquids and viscosity.
Course Chemistry
Type of Tutorial Animation
Key Vocabulary properties of liquids, viscosity,