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Prep Courses

Uzinggo online Prep Courses

  • Over a thousand lessons for grades 5-12
  • Personalized assessments for each lesson
  • A parent dashboard for following your child's progress
  • Lessons that follow state and national standards

Each online prep course prepares you for an upcoming class with a head-start review of the foundational information that you will need in order to be successful in your upcoming semester. Each subject will introduce some tough concepts, but break each one down into easy to understand lessons. Uzinggo will show you how to relate these concepts to the real world and give you a better understanding, and better grades.

Prep Courses in Mathematics and Science

Biology and chemistry prep, or algebra and geometry prep. Get one or get all. Uzinggo's online prep courses prepare you for the tough subjects ahead and puts you in a position to achieve the grades you want. Get on track now to prepare for those important math and science classes.

Our online math tutorials use multi-media visual proofs and lessons that help students master key fundamentals in everything from understanding basic concepts of middle school algebra to learning and applying skills to solve geometry problems.