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Energy, Work, and Power

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You will explore the concepts of work and power. Investigate the work-energy theorem and learn how to solve problems.

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After completing this tutorial, you will be able to complete the following:

  • Define power as the work done per unit time.
  • Name the unit of power.

Everything You'll Have Covered

What is power?

~ Power is the amount of work performed over a given period of time.

What type of quantity is power?

~ Power is considered to be a scalar quantity which means it has magnitude but no direction, unlike vector quantities.

In the SI system of units, what unit is used to measure power?

~ In the SI system of units, power is measured in Watts.

Based on the equation for finding the average of power, what would be the power equivalent of 1 joule of work per second?

~ One joule of work per second would be equal to 1 Watt of power.

Tutorial Details

Approximate Time 5 Minutes
Pre-requisite Concepts Students should have a general understanding of power, work, and time.
Course Physics
Type of Tutorial Animation
Key Vocabulary power, work, time