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Ocean Currents

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Ocean Currents

Earth & Space Science

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You will get to learn all about ocean currents, how they are created by energy from the sun, and the factors that control their direction.

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After completing this tutorial, you will be able to complete the following:

  • State how ocean currents are produced.

Everything You'll Have Covered

What are some factors that determine which way ocean currents flow?

~ Some factors include winds, the Coriolis effect, continental deflection, and the sun.

What is the Coriolis effect?

~ The Coriolis effect is when moving objects curve from a straight path due to the Earth's rotation.

What happens when ocean currents come into contact with the continents?

~ When ocean currents meet land, they change direction due to the different depths of the ocean floor near land.

Tutorial Details

Approximate Time 2 Minutes
Pre-requisite Concepts Students should have an intellectual grasp on what an ocean current is.
Course Earth & Space Science
Type of Tutorial Animation
Key Vocabulary ocean current,,