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High School Math

Help for High School Math

  • Over a thousand lessons for grades 5-12
  • Personalized assessments for each lesson
  • A parent dashboard for following your child's progress
  • Lessons that follow state and national standards

Struggling with algebra? Want to ace the next trigonometry quiz? Need geometry homework help? Whatever high school math subject you're looking for, help is here.

For most high school students, coursework during freshmen through senior years includes pre-algebra, algebra I or geometry, followed by algebra II, trigonometry and calculus. Our online math tutorials using multi-media visual proofs and lessons help students master key fundamentals in high school math, everything from understanding basic concepts to learning and applying skills to solve problems.

Go from being just okay with math to mastering it.

We believe that with a little extra effort, you can learn anything. No math problem or subject is too hard to learn - not even geometry, algebra or calculus. It's in how you study that makes all the difference. Our interactive tutorials are interesting, fun and dynamic. We use 3D modeling that practically jumps out of the screen, making objects like geometric shapes and surface areas easier to envision and understand.