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ZingPath: Solving and Graphing Linear Equations

Graphs of One-Step Linear Equations

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Solving and Graphing Linear Equations

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Lesson Focus

Graphs of One-Step Linear Equations


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You will find the missing x or y value and plot the ordered pairs on the coordinate plane.

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Now You Know

After completing this tutorial, you will be able to complete the following:

  • Graph data points in (x, y) form in any quadrant of a coordinate grid.
  • Graph the line of a linear relationship by using a table of values and the equation of the line.

Everything You'll Have Covered

In order to successfully complete this Activity Object, students should be able to solve one-step equations, basic operations on integers, plot ordered pairs on a coordinate grid and be familiar with representations of linear equations. Some of the following key vocabulary words may be more of a review for the students, but very important for this Activity Object.

The following key vocabulary terms will be used throughout this Activity Object:

Coordinate plane - a plane formed by the intersection of a horizontal number line (the x-axis) and a vertical number line (the y-axis) at their zero points (the origin).

Line graph - a graph that uses line segments to show changes in data; the data usually represents a quantity changing over time.

Tutorial Details

Approximate Time 15 Minutes
Pre-requisite Concepts Learners should be familiar with operations on integers, plotting ordered pairs on a coordinate grid, representations of linear equations, and solving one-step equations.
Course Pre-Algebra
Type of Tutorial Skills Application
Key Vocabulary coordinate plane, linear equation, line graph