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ZingPath: Basic Perimeter and Area Calculations

Area of Composite Shapes

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Basic Perimeter and Area Calculations

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Area of Composite Shapes


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The areas of complex polygons by dividing them into triangles and rectangles are explored.

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After completing this tutorial, you will be able to complete the following:

  • After completing this Activity Object, learners will be able to:
  • Calculate the area of composite shapes by dividing them into triangles and rectangles.

Everything You'll Have Covered

It is essential that students understand the term composite shape before beginning this Activity Object. They should know the definition of the vocabulary term and be able to visualize how to divide composite shapes into triangles and rectangles.

composite shape (figure) - a shape (figure) that can be divided into more than one of the basic shapes, such as a rectangle and triangle

For example, figure ABCD is a composite shape as it consists of two basic shapes. That is, a shape is formed by a rectangle and triangle as shown below.

The area of a composite shape is calculated by dividing the composite shape into basic shapes, and then calculating the area of each basic shape.

Find the area of the following composite shape:

The figure can be divided into a rectangle and triangle as shown below.

Tutorial Details

Approximate Time 30 Minutes
Pre-requisite Concepts Students should know how to draw triangles and rectangles.
Course Geometry
Type of Tutorial Skills Application
Key Vocabulary area, polygon, rectangle