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About Uzinggo

Uzinggo - online, interactive Math and Science software - was designed for middle and high school students to use at home to dramatically improve their grades in school. Based on the award-winning Adaptive Curriculum Math and Science curriculum, Uzinggo uses real-world scenarios and stunning game-like graphics to engage students and make learning fun.

About Adaptive Curriculum

Meeting Students in the Digital Realm

Designed for grades 6-12, Adaptive Curriculum's web-based math and science solutions are used by more than 3 million students in the United States, Europe, and Asia. The interactive instruction is designed for digital learners and helps schools bridge the gap between the old way and new way of learning. The results are deeper comprehension of math and science, increased tests scores, and a student body ready to compete in the global economy.

The Seeds of Innovation

At Adaptive Curriculum, we have one mission: To plant the seeds of innovation. We believe all students have it in them to innovate. Our interactive, all-digital instruction is designed to engage learners in a new way of learning... a way that will show them how to turn imagination into action, transforming classrooms-and the home-into learning environments where minds grow and students are inspired to take the path of most resistance.

A Player in Global e-Learning

Adaptive Curriculum is part of Sebit Inc., a global e-learning company and leader in digital curriculum innovation. Sebit, Inc. is a global eLearning company founded over 30 years ago with a national science grant in Europe. Sebit's mission is to contribute to the transformation of global education by bridging the gap between content and technology Sebit's products have been chosen as by Ministers of Education in a number of countries as country-wide solutions. Sebit also provides an educational service for home broadband subscribers offering its unique solution to parents through their local Internet Service Providers.