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Put the fun back into learning with online lessons that stimulate and motivate.
Introducing Uzinggo Pi = 3.14159265359 Chemistry Beeker e = mc^2 Geometry Uzinggo Whiz Kid
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Space Shuttle Try-it for Free!


Forget the tutor and save money

One month of 24/7 access to Uzinggo is the same price as only a half-hour with a tutor. Now that's math for a tutor alternative!


Teach upper-level courses at home

Are you a calculus or Earth science teacher? You are now! Uzinggo's self-paced tutorials are a great online homeschool resource. Plus, you get teaching guides that help you walk your student through the lessons, and provide extension activity suggestions.


Have fun and
learn to earn

Uzinggo doesn’t just help you get great at math and science with awesome graphics and fun lessons. You also get to engage with the content like never before!

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Real-World Simulations

See how math and science relate to the real world with real-life graphics and simulations that feel like a video game.

Deep Concept Mastery

Use what is learned to test hypotheses and to prove a deep understanding of the material offered in more than 1,200 tutorials.

Proven Education Techniques

Learn with the proven 5E instructional model based on the latest research and best instructional strategies.

Motivational Learning

Explore math and science in a new way that challenges students to want to continue learning within game-like activities.

Standards Alignment

Stay sharp on all the standards with instruction that is 100% aligned.

Pre-Defined Lesson Plans

Take the guesswork out of what to do next with pre-planned tutorials, which we call ZingPaths.

Support Materials

Get extra support with teaching resources for parents and students such as teacher guides and follow-along activity sheets.

Built-In Assessments

Know the score with built-in tests that gauge proficiency of each tutorial's learner objectives, standards and skills.

Reports & Dashboard

Get detailed, real-time reports that show you all your student's activities and progress made.

Math & Science instruction at the fraction of the cost of a tutor.
Get access to more than 1,200 activities. Plans starting from $9.95/month.

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I love the earth and space stuff. It is so interesting especially about the Galilean moons, astronauts in space and building a telescope. - Stephanie T. (Student)
I love the website layout, it's very nice and easy to navigate. I also love the design itself and the video interactions are helpful as well! - Anita W. (Parent)
I really like how the rewards work on the website. - Mitchell L. (Student)

Award-winning e-learning instruction

2013 Smart Media Winner
Honoring mind-building Smart Media
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